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Guardian profiles Lauri Love with new details on US extradition case

The Guardian‘s Bethany Horne has profiled British activist Lauri Love, providing new information about the United States’ extradition request. The FBI, Horne reports, says Love faces up to 12 years in prison for allegedly hacking into major governmental agencies’ websites. This potential sentence is far more than what Love might face in the UK, where he lives and the alleged offences were committed, because the US is intent on cracking down aggressively on cybercrime. The FBI says Love is “part of a community of so called ‘hactivists’, who seek to infiltrate the computer networks of major companies and government entities and steal confidential or protected information … and then publicly disclose that information in order to embarrass the company or government entity.”

Horne writes, “Love’s case marks the first time the US has sought the extradition of an alleged member of Anonymous, but observers worry it will not be the last, if it is successful.”

Love was arrested twice in the UK, and Britain’s National Crime Agency seized his computers and other digital property and has refused to return six items, including a computer, because it cannot decrypt them. But Love’s lawyer, Karen Todner, says that the NCA investigation against him is closed, according to the Guardian.

Lauri Love’s battle against extradition to the US starts this Friday with a preliminary case management hearing, which will be held at 10am at Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London.