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Lauri Love appears in court, extradition hearing delayed


British activist Lauri Love, wanted for extradition by the United States where he could face up to twelve years on hacking allegations, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court in London on Friday for a preliminary case management hearing. Love is fighting extradition on the grounds that he’s never been to the United States, that the alleged offenses took place in the UK, and that he would face far greater punishment – like the solitary confinement and retaliation that hacktivists Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown have endured – in the US than he would at home.

Lauri’s full extradition hearing, previously scheduled for December 2015, was pushed to April 2016 in order for his defence team to obtain expert testimony, including accounts of hacktivists’ unfair treatment in the US.

Love told the Guardian last week, “I will never go to America except in a bodybag.”