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Video: Lauri Love explains significance of TalkTalk hack for BBC Newsnight

Lauri Love made an appearance on the BBC flagship current affairs programme Newsnight on Friday 23 October, explaining the significance of a widely publicised hack of telecoms provider TalkTalk, which has led to the disclosure of personal information of millions of subscribers.

After touching on his ongoing extradition case – “I’m in the awkward position of facing dire consequences for not being guilty enough” – Lauri explained how the exfiltration of information was likely to have occurred and tackled the question of whether TalkTalk were negligent in their treatment of customers’ information. (Lauri’s segment begins at the 5:24 mark.)

While acknowledging that TalkTalk were likely no more lax in their standards than many companies in the UK and elsewhere, Lauri concluded:

“If you’ve been entrusted with four million people’s private information and banking information, then you have a responsibility to be a safe custodian of that.”

In an ideal world, consumers would be protected by better regulations that meant that those signing up for services would be able to do so on the basis of informed consent, with companies specifying exactly how they would protect personal information. As it is, Lauri, said:

“Pretty much anyone who has signed up their personal information to a website has had it compromised in some way.”