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Global coverage of MPs’ letter for Lauri Love

Daily Mail leader

Daily Mail leader

More than 100 MPs signed a letter calling on US President Barack Obama to withdraw the extradition requests for Lauri Love. Approximately a fifth of eligible Parliamentarians signed the letter, across the political spectrum, with 113 MPs total.

The letter drew international attention, including video coverage from the BBC and ITV, and an editorial note (right) in addition to a full story in the Daily Mail.

Lauri Love’s extradition decision currently rests with Home Secretary Amber Rudd. If she decides that extradition should go ahead, Love’s legal team can apply to appeal with the High Court, and have indicated they will take the case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

BBC Look East


Video: ITV Anglia

Daily Mail coverage

Daily Mail coverage

First appearing in the Daily Mail, the story was quickly picked up by the BBC, ITV, the Telegraph, Sky News, Premier Radio, the wire services Press Association and Reuters, international outlets including RT, and more local press, including Yorkshire Post, Herald Scotland, and Lancashire Telegraph.

Coverage in the tech press

Given the implications of Lauri’s case’s for tech laws, from forced decryption to the American Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and digital civil disobedience, the tech press has covered it extensively.

See reporting from Wired UK, Ars Technica UK, and Computer Weekly and the Register.