Courage our network

Urgent Call: #NoLove4USGov

This is an urgent call. Two weeks from now Lauri Love will be at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London, appealing against extradition to the United States and a potential 99 year prison sentence.

Last year, supporters like you persuaded 114 British MPs to sign a joint letter opposing Lauri’s extradition. Now we’re doing it all over again. We’ve produced a tool to make it easy for you but please be quick: remember – this is an urgent call. #NoLove4USGov

Not in the UK?

We’ve not forgotten about you! Write to the British ambassador in your country or – if you’re in Finland – ask your political representative why the Finnish government hasn’t been doing more to protect Lauri.

Technical issues?

We know there’s an issue where scrollbars might not appear on all Macs after you’ve entered your postcode – you should still be able to scroll down through the text. If you spot anything else, please let us know.