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One week on: what’s next for Lauri Love?

One week ago today, the High Court ruled that Lauri Love should not be extradited to the United States, that it would be “oppressive” to do so and that the interests of justice demanded that, if there was a case to answer, then Lauri should receive a trial at home.

Lauri now has until the end of the working day on Friday 16 February to find out whether the US intends to appeal the decision. If they do, the process is not automatic and involves applying for certification from the Supreme Court.

Beyond Friday’s deadline, Lauri still needs his legal position to be regularised. Back in 2012, when Gary McKinnon’s extradition was blocked by Theresa May, the CPS declined to initiate a domestic prosecution – something they blamed on a lack of cooperation from the American authorities, as well as the length of time that had elapsed.

As Karen Todner pointed out at the time, this decision made it impossible for Gary to travel, because he could not cross a border without fear of the US initiating a new extradition request. Lauri does not want to be left in this position. We have argued, and will continue to argue, that Lauri is entited to a #TrialAtHome, just as any other defendant in his position would be.

Our ability to defend Lauri Love, our other beneficiaries and every whistleblower and information activist who will call on us in the future relies on your generosity.