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It’s official: #NoLove4USGov

Lauri Love has scored a huge victory. The US has confirmed that their “oppressive” attempt to extradite him to face a potential 99 year prison in medieval prison conditions is over.

The news was confirmed to Lauri’s legal team in legal documents filed on Friday.

The news, confirming the landmark appeal ruling of 5 February, was tweeted widely over the weekend. Among those congratulating Lauri were some in a position to know exactly how oppressive America’s prisons can be.

Quixotically, while Friday’s filing marks the end of Lauri’s extradition battle, the case Love v The United States of America lives on, at least in the short term. The US, while accepting that Lauri’s extradition would be oppressive, are seeking to appeal an “academic” point on the application of the forum bar.

The right to appeal is not automatic and the CPS, acting for the Americans, will need to overcome the hurdle of certification from the High Court before making any application to the Supreme Court. While the result will make no difference to whether Lauri gets to stay in the UK, we will continue to provide updates on the legal case that bears his name.

This is a huge victory for Lauri Love and for Courage. Our ability to keep fighting – and winning! – these battles depends on your support.