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This site was commissioned by the trustees of Courage (formerly the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund), dedicated to building support for Lauri Love and providing information on the threats he continues to face. We also seek to draw attention to the issues Lauri’s alleged actions have raised and support his desire for reform of them.

One of the tasks of the trustees is to oversee the functioning of Courage, which has been set up to raise money for journalistic sources’ legal defence campaigns. Lauri Love is Courage’s sixth beneficiary, but he will not be its last. We expect to be supporting more journalistic sources and whistleblowers in the future and we expect to grow as more journalistic sources are nominated as recipients.

It is the only fund endorsed by Lauri Love. If you see others claiming to raise revenue for Lauri Love, please report them to the trustees at:

To contact us about any issue involving the site, or for general or media-related inquiries, please email: